Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), that is the broad usage of computer software to solve engineering tasks, reduces dramatically both the time and costs of engineering design, planning, and manufacturing. Its benefits have fueled its exponential growth in the industry. However, the CAE still faces two fundamental challenges that could hamper its future development.

The first challenge is given by the increasing complexity and sophistication that the current CAE-tools require. Thus the efficient use of these applications demand a high level of expertise that makes necessary very hard learning processes even for very qualified professionals. This makes very difficult the transition to CAE mainly for small companies that can not afford expensive training courses and licenses.

The second challenge consists of the growing computational demands that the current CAE-problems require. The numerical complexity of these tasks and in many cases their interdisciplinary nature makes impossible the use of single desktop computers to deal with realistic CAE-problems. In addition supercomputers are typically monopolized by a relatively small group of highly qualified computational scientists from the academia and global industries. This makes very difficult for middle and small companies the access to powerful computational resources.

RD-Cadegis is a novel platform that solves the challenges of CAE and makes the best performance accessible to users with different budgets and level of expertise. On one hand it provides an user friendly interface that permits an easy and fast project implementation and solution acquisition. On the other hand it uses cutting edge internet-technologies to allow every user to benefit from high performance computing. RD-Cadegis is a web application that can be accessed from any computer, it does not require installation, it is easy to use, and provides you with supercomputation on demand.