Cadegis is a dynamic Skolkovo based technological company that provides high quality mathematical modelling oriented towards client defined problems. Our services range from the distribution of rd-cadegis, a web-accessed platform that allows a user-friendly implementation of models and a high performance remote computing, to the client based whole cycle of mathematical modelling: Problem definition, mathematical formalization, solution, interpretation, and product construction.

Our mission is the creation and promotion of advanced numerical technologies in high performance computing that allow the clients to reduce the cost and time of engineering and to speed up the solution of scientific problems. Our approach uses the state of the art of mathematical modeling, server’s solutions, and web-technologies oriented towards our main criterion: A fast and high quality solution of the client defined problems.

Our clients benefit from our wide experience in the management of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific modelling projects. In addition we also provide them with the technical and consulting support in order to carry out the upgrade of client´s technical and scientific software that allows the use of efficient parallel computation. The philosophy of Cadegis is centered around the solution of the clients necessities. Thus our service is oriented towards long-term cooperation and support.


29 Апрель, 2013

You Tube

We have opened the channel on You Tube.

15 April, 2013


We launch test-version of rd-cadegis

18 January, 2013


We have become a part of Skolkovo